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    Clark Timmins

    I’d like a simple-to-use Field Strength Meter to have around the shack. Optimally, a complete kit so I can learn something. But all I can find is the MFJ-801/802. They look OK but I can’t even find any reviews on them (and the 802 looks a bit… big).

    Anybody know of a good Field Strength Meter kit and/or have a unit recommendation?


    J B

    Field Strength meters were primarily used to test near field exposure levels of transmitters / antenna’s.
    In the Part 97 – there is maximum exposure levels allowable – before you have to do a field exposure level test.
    Unfortunately, today much of this type of technology has been lost and people just acts like CB’rs and does as they please until there is a problem.
    Technically the FCC can cite an operator for not performing these tests or using a online calculator to determine exposure level limits.
    The only people doing this today is the builders of LMRS – Land Mobile Radio Service – sites and cell phone sites – since they are concerned with Intermodulation products and exposure to people near the antenna.

    The good equipment tends to be pricy, which puts it out of the reach of most amateurs.
    This is an economical unit with no bells of whistles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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