Net Preamble

Herriman Amateur Radio Club Net Preamble

This is, the Herriman Amateur Radio Club Emergency Communications Net.  Net control is (your callsign) _________ , My name is _________. Other communications or traffic please stand by while we conduct this net.

This net gives operators an opportunity to exercise their radio equipment, their operating procedures, and to perfect the form of this net. This net will stand by at any time for “Emergency” or “Priority” traffic.  Anyone, may break into this net at any time by transmitting their callsign, followed by the words “Emergency” or “Priority.” Is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time?  (Pause)

(Handle any emergency or priority communications, if applicable...)

(Otherwise, continue...)

I will call for check-ins by groups according to the last letter in your callsign. When I call for your group, please answer slowly and clearly with your name, followed by your callsign using the International Phonetic Alphabet. I will acknowledge each station as you check in. If I fail to acknowledge a checkin, someone please call "Relay." Then I will ask for the missed-station information. All stations please remain on frequency until the net is complete.  If you must leave sooner, please call net control and check-out of the net.

The roll call follows:

Group A through F. Call signs ending in Alpha through Foxtrot, please call now. (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Group G through L. Call signs ending in Golf through Lima, please call now. (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Group M through R. Call signs ending in Mike through Romeo, please call now. (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Group S through Z. Call signs ending in Sierra through Zulu, please call now. (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Are there any names I have missed or late checkins? (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Do we have visitors who would like to check in now? (Repeat until no additional checkins.)

Does anyone have a bulletin or an announcement for the net? (Repeat until no others respond.)

(Conduct any net training or other business.)

(End the net.)

This is (your callsign) ________ , concluding the Herriman Utah Emergency Communications Net, thanking all who have participated, and those who stood by while we ran this net. The net is now concluded at (time) local time.

Thank you and good evening. This is (your callsign) _________ .

Rev. 2. 01-20-2015