February 10th 2018 meeting

Februaries in person meeting was a success. We have a new President. His name is Steven Merrill, call sign KI7USN. Kurtis Constantine (N1YTE) has chosen to remain our treasurer. Steve said that one of the biggest problems he sees in our group is the numbers we have. He would like to see us grow dramatically. If we did grow too big to fit into the fire station, Steve doesn't see that as a problem. He'd like to see us develop branches.

Greg Mcarther, (W7GEM) talked about the S.A.F.E program. The acronym stands for Schools Aid Families in Emergencies. I recorded video of his presentation but apparently we do not have permission to post the power point so I will refrain. Here are a few of the key points:

      1. Make a Plan

        First, we all know that in a big emergency such as an extreme earthquake First Responders will be overloaded. According to the S.A.F.E. website, it says that "The SAFE Neighborhoods Program is designed to complement residents’ existing household emergency plans. The plan is dependent on personal preparedness. S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods establishes a meeting place after a catastrophic earthqake."

      2. Build a kit

        It is recommended that each person in every household should have a 96-hour kit ready and accessible for an emergency. The plan is very simple. Build your kit. Become as ready as you can, and when catastrophe hits, bring it to the closest Elementary School to your location.

      3. Be Informed

        Gregg also said that it's very important not only to stay informed but to let others know about it. This program will fail if people don't know about it. So spread the word everyone!


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