Mesh Elmer Meetings

I wasn't there, but from I heard January's meeting was a success. Lloyd Taylor suggested that during the Elmer portion of the meeting we should work on Mesh projects. Really We can work on any project that suites us; but Mesh is very interesting. For those that don't know, Mesh is an application that can be used on the thirteen centimeter band with video, audio, and text. Basically Mesh allows you to stay connected in an emergency. Several people with experience were at the meeting helping club members to get set up. Although I wasn't there, Ed Johanson brought my two routers with him when he went to the meeting. They programmed both routers using his computer. I still needed to download the software, but I was able to do that. The website for the firmware is There you will find instructions on how to download the firmware and set up your node. After talking with Lloyd, he recommended I download TeamTalk. I couldn't find the app, but I have a suspicion they changed their name to TeamSpeak because I found tutorials on regarding the different features of TeamSpeak, and how to set it up. Setting up the node is just the beginning; it's a road. But we need a vehicle for the road, and that's where TeamSpeak and apps like it come into play.



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