Ramsey Kits Call It Quits

For more than 4o years, Ramsey Kits has produced many interesting and useful electronic products for do-it-yourself hobbyists.  In the early 70’s the company started with an “LED Blinky Kit” that often serves as a "first kit" for schools, scouting groups, and individuals. It offered a great way to learn to solder electronic components.  That kit--with only 10 components--included a 16-page manual that explained the blinking-LED circuit and how worked.  Now the company will close its operation after supplying over 300 products for teachers, educators, and engineers, and electronics enthusiasts. Ramsey's Professional RF Test Equipment Group will continue in business.

Over the years I bought several Ramsey kits--the latest a stereo-headphone amplifier. The kit assembly went quickly and I had no problems with the circuitry or the components. Well done, Ramsey, I'll miss you.
Hobby Kit customers prior to 2016 will continue to receive technical support and warranty service. To help experimenters obtain some great deals in remaining hobby kit inventory, the company's remaining kits are available from Amazon, as long as supplies last.

About Jon Titus

Jon Titus received his first amateur-radio license as WN2KCZ in 1963. He returned to the ham world in the late 1970's and now holds an Amateur Extra class license, KZ1G. Jon has college degrees in chemistry and has worked in the electronics industry for many years
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