MESH Network Demos & Training on 9-19

Dave Bauman, KF7MCF, just announced demonstrations of MESH radio networks and training sessions who interested hams on Saturday September 19th. Mark your calendar for 2:00 PM MDT at the park area near the Taylorsville Senior Citizen's Center off Redwood Road and 4800 South. Use the access road on 4800 South go north just past the Senior Center. The event comprises:

Training and demos of broad-band ham-net (BBHN, ver 3.x) hardware linking in to the existing Grand Plan Network. Bring your own equipment, or use some available at the gathering. There will be at least three BBHN stations set up and linked with TeamTalk. Demos of TeamTalk version 4.x and help loading it on your laptop, if you bring one.

Raspberry Pi access point configured for HSMM Mesh network. Courtesy of VA3PAW.

Raspberry Pi access point configured for HSMM Mesh network. Courtesy of VA3PAW.

Free MESH equipment; with preference given to new hams interested in MESH, but with little or no equipment. Some low cost equipment will be available; wires, connectors needed for BBHN MESH, and 2.4 GHz bidirectional amplifiers.

Reverend Robert Jelf (KG7OHV) will attend (with his service dog Teal'c) to demo his long range equipment. Equipment Elmer Jerry Spillman (W0HU) will answer questions and give advice.  Jerry will be passing out some free equipment, again with some preference shown to new hams with little or no equipment.

If you have an old Linksys WRT54G Router, load it with BBHN version 3.x and bring it along. It will work!  Let us show you what to use it for and how to use it. Also bring a folding chair, something for shade if you have it, a table for equipment is always nice (we can always use those), a hat for the sun, and some water. Dave dais he thinks there are restrooms in the park.

About Jon Titus

Jon Titus received his first amateur-radio license as WN2KCZ in 1963. He returned to the ham world in the late 1970's and now holds an Amateur Extra class license, KZ1G. Jon has college degrees in chemistry and has worked in the electronics industry for many years


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