Joint US-Cuba DX Operation Planned

The resumption of normal diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba has led to plans for a joint US-Cuba operation that should occur in fall 2015. The projected dates will include the CQ World Wide SSB contest sponsored by CQ magazine. Cuban ham-radio operators get on the air frequently, so the country appears on the DX Century Club most-wanted list (2015) at number 253. But the joint activity should give many hams worldwide more opportunities to make a contact.

Cuba-US Flag Meld

The combined group will operate with the call sign T42US between October 21 and October 28, and will comprise nine operators from the USA and approximately the same number from Cuba. The T42US group will operate 160-10 meters, SSB and CW.

Jim Millner, WB2REM, will lead the US team leader and Cuban team Leader is Bob Ibarra, CM2KL. Millner said the T42US operation will be among the first of its kind in Cuba and will involve a joint effort of the US and Cuban teams. (Adapted from the ARRL Letter for August 13, 2015.)

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