ARRL to Increase Dues in 2016

The ARRL Board of Directors voted a $US 10 increase in membership dues, effective January 1, 2016.

The Rocky Mountain Division email newsletter described the need for an increase in an email to members several weeks ago. The following duplicates that information for non-ARRL members or those who missed reading the earlier information.

The last ARRL dues increase was 14 years ago, back in 2001. A great deal
of membership organizations across the country, citing rising costs and
slow recovery from an economic recession, have raised their dues in
recent years; some have raised their dues multiple times. ARRL chose to
postpone dues increases during this period, opting instead to control
spending and cut costs. Since 2001, we have implemented many operating
efficiencies that have contributed to reducing our staff at ARRL
Headquarters by 15% while either maintaining or expanding our level of
service to you. We have developed additional giving opportunities, such
as the Diamond Club, for those members with the means and desire to
support ARRL beyond dues.

ARRL's operating expenses back in 2001 were just over $13 million. In
2014, expenses were $15.5 million, an increase of just 19% over the
past fourteen years, considerably less than the US rate of inflation
from 2001 to 2014 (which was 32%).

Candidly, as of 2015, the economic realities have caught up with us.
While ARRL has done a good job of keeping our costs down internally and
giving you the best services we can for your money, other factors are
simply out of our control. Everyone's costs have gone up in the last
fourteen years and, for ARRL, those have included utilities, insurance,
postage, raw materials such as the paper your issues of QST are printed
on, and many others. We have done as much as we can to hold off a dues
increase for over a decade, but one has now become a necessity, not an

I take no pleasure in announcing this dues increase; however you
deserve to hear about it from me, rather than learning about it first
from a news article on the web or in a magazine.  I also took no
pleasure voting for a dues increase; however it has been and continues
to be my fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the League remains on
sound footing -- both organizationally as well as financially -- so
that it will continue to provide the programs, services, promotion,
advocacy, and defense of amateur radio interests you've come to expect
for many more years to come.

About Jon Titus

Jon Titus received his first amateur-radio license as WN2KCZ in 1963. He returned to the ham world in the late 1970's and now holds an Amateur Extra class license, KZ1G. Jon has college degrees in chemistry and has worked in the electronics industry for many years


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One Response to ARRL to Increase Dues in 2016

  1. Jon Titus July 20, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

    Frankly, the increase seems reasonable. I would pay the new dues amount if only to get QST. — KZ1G

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