Who are your Ham neighbors?

Yesterday I attended the monthly Be Ready Herriman meeting at UFA station 123. After the meeting, our city council member, Coralee Moser (KE7VAQ) and I were talking about trying to identify who the ham radio operators are in each of the Herriman areas.

After a little fiddling today, I was able to use Google Fusion Charts and public FCC license data to create the following map. It is a list of all current license holders, per the FCC database. Scroll in to view your neighborhood in more detail. Click on a red dot to view the call sign, name and address of the licensee.

Do you see any surprises? (For example, I found one of my neighbors has a license that I didn't know about.) Tell us in the comments!


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One Response to Who are your Ham neighbors?

  1. Joel Stewart March 10, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    This is awesome. Is there a direct link to this from the n7hrc.org site. I didn’t find one. I found this from your email.

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